Essential Guide to PCOS & Vitamin D Deficiency

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Essential Guide to PCOS & Vitamin D Deficiency

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Do you have PCOS?

85% of women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) are deficient in Vitamin D contributing to weight gain, daily fatigue, and infertility

Tackling Vitamin D deficiency in PCOS is about the right dose for the right amount of time, and in the right combination with other supplements. This guide contains all the research-based secrets women with PCOS need to know.

  • Find out whether you're suffering from Vitamin D deficiency and don't know it! Low levels of Vitamin D could be wreaking havoc on your body. You don't have to suffer needlessly!
  • Discover how to boost levels of Vitamin D quickly - and it involves more than just spending time under the sun!
  • Uncover some of the most common symptoms like fatigue and infertility associated with low levels of Vitamin D. Many women with PCOS don't realize how they can address these problems by increasing their levels! We'll show you the exact doses used in peer-reviewed studies!
  • Learn how to improve your overall health by increasing Vitamin D levels while making sure you never get "too much"! (And yes, there is such a thing!)



CHAPTER 1:  PCOS & Vitamin D - A Missing Link?

  • Common Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency
  • How Vitamin D Deficiency Affects Women with PCOS
  • Covid-19, PCOS and Vitamin D Deficiency

CHAPTER 2:  Find Out If You're D-Ficient!

  • What is Vitamin D?
  • What Are Healthy Vitamin D Levels?
  • How Do I Determine My Vitamin D Levels?

CHAPTER 3:  Boost Your Vitamin D Levels

  • Why Sun Exposure Isn't Enough
  • What Food Sources Help
  • How To Choose the Correct Supplements

CHAPTER 4:  Join the Discussion

CHAPTER 5:  PCOS & Vitamin D Studies

  • Over 80 Studies Included
  • Exact Vitamin D Doses For Women With PCOS
  • Length of Vitamin D Treatment in PCOS

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